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Hope Buffalo and the Role of PARENTS AND FAMILIES

Teens have a myriad of influences on their behavior. HOPE Buffalo understands that a caring adult in a teen’s life is the best messenger for providing accurate and safe information to make informed decisions.

Parents, caregivers and family members play a crucial role in supporting healthy adolescent development. Parents may sometimes feel irrelevant in the lives of their older children. But adolescents who report parental oversight, connectedness, communication, and/or support are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. In fact, teens report that they want to receive advice from their parents.

what can you do?

HOPE Buffalo and its partners offer many resources to help you communicate with your teen, such as parenting workshops offered by the Buffalo Public School, Office of Parent and Family Engagement.

We Recommend That You:


Keep lines of communication open, set boundaries, and monitor behavior while providing increasing autonomy as they develop.


Compliment adolescents, and celebrate their efforts and accomplishments.


Share your family’s values with adolescents and let them know you will support them if they need to make difficult decisions.

Sample dialogue:

“It is okay to say to one of your friends that I won’t allow you to do something”

“You can always call home if you need help”

“I will help you get the care you need.”


Adolescence is a time of rapid growth and change that can be confusing for young people. Start conversations about peer pressure, drinking, drugs and sex, and don’t wait for your teen to ask.

Sample dialogue:

“I’m concerned, I just learned that there are high rates of chlamydia among young people. What have you heard? What are your friends saying about sex and STIs?”


Support positive behaviors and choices teens make about their sexual health. Positive reinforcement helps to build confidence in teens’ decision making skills.


Teens with a community of caring adults and peers are more likely to achieve the personal goals they set for themselves and their sexual behavior.



As a member of the Buffalo community, I commit to the aspirations of the HOPE Buffalo initiative to help our teens grow into the adults they want to be. Collectively, we can build a promising future for the City of Buffalo!

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